Welcome to ZeroTruck

Welcome to ZeroTruck

The ZeroTruck is an integrated “zero emission” fully electric 12,000-19,500 lb GVWR medium duty truck with advanced lithium ion battery pack. ZeroTruck was created to be a dynamic leader in the commercial application of electric vehicles. The company’s founder and management team are passionate about providing solutions for energy independence and cleaner air. Utilizing the latest technology and exclusive partnerships with industry leaders, ZeroTruck now offers the first modern commercial electric truck in the US and serviced through a national dealer network.

The company is establishing a unique brand to forge a path of LEADERSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY in the alternative fueled vehicle market. Welcome to ZeroTruck …

“Going Green must not be just a buzzword or fad…we have the power to make change now…ZeroTruck will take you there.”   

For more information please email us: info@zerotruck.com

Tedd Abramson, ZeroTruck Founder