Reduced Maintenance


  1. By incorporating advanced regenerative braking in the drive system, the ZeroTruck extends brake life several times what is normally experienced in a gas/diesel fueled truck.  In addition, with NO oil changes, NO tune-ups, NO air filters, NO exhaust system, fleets will experience savings on direct operating costs like no other vehicle.
  2. The ZeroTruck uses a standard 12 volt system for all of the standard functions of the truck, which means easier access to standard bulbs for headlamps, marker lights, brake light and cab accessories.  Drive power is derived from the “high voltage lithium pack”.


America should be leading the world in clean energy; instead we’re falling behind in the race for jobs and technology that will drive global markets for generations.

  1. China is spending six times more on clean energy in their economic stimulus bill (as a percentage of their economy) than we are: $12.6 million every hour.
  2. We rank below Spain, Denmark, and Portugal in the use of wind power.
  3. The Germans control nearly half of the global photovoltaic market, and Europe deployed 13 times more solar photovoltaic power than the United States last year.
  4. Only six of the top 30 wind, solar, and advanced battery technologies are American.