Latest about ZeroTruck

Latest about ZeroTruck

ZeroTruck NOW offers the first U.S. built class 4 electric truck, the ZeroTruck to fleet operators through its dealer network. The ZeroTruck is an integrated “zero emission” fully electric 12,000-19,500 lb GVWR medium duty truck with advanced lithium ion battery pack. For more information please email ”Diesel trucks and buses on the road represent the largest source of toxic diesel emissions in California. These toxic diesel emissions are responsible for causing approximately 4,500 premature deaths and more than 38,000 asthma attacks annually in the state. Truck drivers, children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable to the health risks of diesel pollution. The loss of life, health care costs, and lost work and school days cost an estimated $40 billion each year, far more than the cost to clean up the trucks.”


Speed: 60 mph (limit programmed)
Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 18 seconds
Range: 65-75 miles city driving
Charge Time: Charge Time: 8-10 hours (220-240V)
Multi-Function Display Screen: Vehicle operations monitor – miles remaining, power consumption, each cells’ charge level, battery temperature, drive time, distance traveled, and average speed


3 year drivetrain from Electrorides
Production time 3 months


Liquid cooled 3 phase, brushless D/C motor – 100 kW peak (400ft lbs torque)
Batteries: 50 kW temperature controlled lithium polymer packs
Gearbox: 2 or 3 speed fully automated transmission
Battery Management System: ERI


GVWR/GCWR 12,000/18,000 lbs. HD 14,500/20,500 lbs
Body/Payload Allowance 7,035-7,210 lbs. HD 9,215 – 9,390 lbs


-Front 4,700 lbs. HD 5,360 lbs.
-Rear 7,950 lbs. HD 9,880 lbs.
Front Axle Capacity HD 6,830 lbs.
Rear Axle
-Capacity 11,020 lbs.
-Ratio (AT) 4.777 HD 5.125
Suspension, Front & Rear
-Type Tapered/Multi-Leaf
-Front Suspension Capacity 8,440 lbs.
-Rear Suspension Capacity 9,880 lbs.
-Section Modulus 7.20 in.3
-Resistance Bending Moment 316,800 lbs.-ft./in.
Parking Brake Drum and band with mechanical locking pin
Service Brakes
-System Vacuum/Hydraulic w/4-Channel ABS
-Front Disc
-Rear Drum
Tires 215/85R-16E (10 Ply) HD 225/70R-19.5F (12 Ply)